Torrey DeVitto Web
Dec 16

TV Guide shares the news that a member of the cast of Chicago Med will be leaving the show in the near future.

They also included this fun video with the cast!

The staff members at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center are accustomed to dealing with loss, but what happens when it’s one of their own?

Someone is going to be leaving NBC’s Chicago Med by the end of the season — and unfortunately, they won’t be heading off to bigger and better things. We’ve heard that the exit, which occurs a few episodes before the season finale, will be a “tragic” one that “has a profound effect” on the recurring character’s colleagues.

Look, you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to figure out that someone’s going to be saying goodbye to Chicago Med in a body bag — and this time it’s not one of the patients.

There is one silver lining amid the grief: The sudden departure causes a huge shake-up at the hospital, leaving a vacancy that may create a new, much-needed career opportunity for one of the remaining staffers.


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