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Jan 18

Torrey talks to US Weekly about how a main female lead will be leaving the series this year.

Fans of Chicago Fire, P.D. and Med are used to shocking goodbyes — and there’s another one coming. Torrey DeVitto revealed to Us Weekly exclusively that it was really tough to find out that a main female on Chicago Med would be leaving this season.

“Anybody who leaves, you always feel their absence. We actually have a cast member that’s leaving us this year — I can’t say who yet because you’ll find out — and oh my gosh, we definitely have felt the weight of her absence,” Devitto told Us on Tuesday, January 9, at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour. “She’s just the best … I think people really love her. But it works for the story and it adds that drama … any time somebody exits from the shows, it is like leaving a family!”

Speaking of family, DeVitto’s character Natalie will soon be introducing her new boyfriend to her son! She’s been dating Will (Nick Gehlfuss) since they kissed on the premiere. The will-they won’t-they couple is finally on, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be smooth sailing.

“There’s a lot of drama that’s gonna come up, a lot of ups and downs for sure. I mean, you know, we can’t forget Natalie has a son. How is that gonna work into the dating world? Is her son going to accept Will? Is she going to introduce them, how is that going to work? We definitely do see Owen coming back,” she told Us.

Additionally, Manstead work together — something that adds pressure to having a relationship. “It’s hard to work together and then go home together. Also when you’re making life-saving decisions on the fly, and you don’t always agree, that’s definitely going to bring up a lot of conflict,” she said.

Chicago Med airs on NBC Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET.


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